VANCOUVER Criminal Defence Attorney, Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom is a Crown prosecutor turned criminal defence Attorney

attorneybloom.jpgMr. Bloom’s years working as a Crown prosecutor taught him invaluable knowledge about the way criminal cases are prosecuted. He is able to identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case and assess whether you have been provided with all relevant disclosure, and which specific Applications to the Court must be filed to hold the Crown accountable. Using this information and his superior analytical skills, Mr. Bloom will develop a defence strategy and trial plan to win your case.

Mr. Bloom was a professional engineer before attending law school at the University of Western Ontario, where he was the recipient of many first-in-class academic awards. After law school, Mr. Bloom was chosen to be a Judicial Law Clerk of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, and subsequent to which Mr. Bloom was selected to the trial Crown prosecution team at the Surrey Provincial Court, which is the busiest courthouse not only in the Province of British Columbia, but also in Canada. Mr. Bloom successfully litigated hundreds of criminal cases working at the Criminal Justice Branch in British Columbia. In particular, Mr. Bloom was the lead prosecutor for the Maninder Gill case, the owner of Radio India, R. v. Gill, 2016 BCSC 438, and which to this day remains the most prolific and well known criminal prosecution in the Surrey Punjabi community.


russchamberlainpenthouse_1.pngMr. Bloom chose to leave the Office of the Surrey Prosecutors to work with legendary defence attorney, Russ Chamberlain, Q.C. who died on March 17, 2019.

The mighty Russ Chamberlain, Q.C. successfully defended some of the biggest and most famous criminal trials in Vancouver history, including the Bindy Johal murder case. Russ Chamberlain, Q.C. is also famously known for winning the 1976-1977 trial of the Penthouse nightclub owners (The Philliponi's) who were charged with running a bawdy house and prostitution offences. During this case, Russ Chamberlain, as he then was, famously convinced Judge William Traynor to view the Penthouse night club in person, and which creative display of advocacy was instrumental in Mr. Chamberlain winning the case, and the Philliponis’ being found not guilty and acquitted of all charges.

Russ Chamberlain, Q.C, in these and thousands of other criminal trials, consistently demonstrated his depth of knowledge and understanding of evidence to win cases. Armed with his fearless approach and advocacy acumen, Russ Chamberlain, Q.C. won more criminal trials than anyone ever has, or will.

Mr. Bloom learned everything he could from Russ Chamberlain, Q.C., and Mr. Bloom’s criminal defence skills and tactics are second to none, as he was the last lawyer to ever work with the legendary Russ Chamberlain, Q.C.

Since that time, Mr. Bloom has continued to sharpen and hone his criminal defence and trial skills.


Mr. Bloom understands that all cases are unique, and his defence will be entirely tailored to your specific circumstances.

Mr. Bloom is committed to working with you to uncover all the details and information pertaining to your case, and he will build the defence strategy and trial plan that will achieve the best possible result. The goal is to have the charges dropped and if the matter goes to court, winning the trial.

It is his philosophy to work tirelessly for his clients and deliver the most favourable result. He understands that you have trusted him with your future, and he takes this very seriously.

If you are facing criminal charges, call (604) 488.1513 or submit a form here to arrange your FREE initial defence consultation.

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