Factors Affecting the Cost of a Criminal Defence

October 31st, 2021
Factors Affecting the Cost of a Criminal Defence

There are many factors that affect the cost of a criminal defence, and your criminal defence lawyer can explain them to you in detail. In brief, the complexity of the case and how long it takes to settle or decide a case are the biggest factors. Below, we will discuss briefly what complexity and time mean to the lawyer.

Case Complexity

Case complexity is what it sounds like. How complicated is your case? Does the lawyer have to review hours of audio tape or video film? Are there lots of witnesses to talk to? Does the client have a long criminal record which has to be reviewed and considered?

The more complicated your case is, the more it will cost the client in legal fees because that complexity directly impacts the amount of time that is required of the lawyer. Similarly, more serious charges will likely make the case more complicated. And the client would also likely want the lawyer to spend more time to prepare a defence for a murder charge than a simple assault charge.


How much time your lawyer has to spend on your case will play a role in the overall cost. The lawyer may need time to familiarize him or herself with the details of the case, research the relevant case law, and prepare for court.

If a case goes to court, there is the time spent in court as well as whatever time is required talking to the client and potential witnesses. If the case does not go to court and is settled beforehand, then that should take less time.

If the court does not decide in your favour, then you may want to appeal the decision. This is an added complication and significant amount of time and work required of the criminal lawyer.

Michael Bloom is a very experienced criminal defence lawyer, who started his career as a Crown Prosecutor.

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