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The first thing to know about parole is that the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) has complete control over who receives or does not receive parole. The second thing worth knowing about the PBC is that is it an independent entity operating outside the influence of the prisons and the government. That means that the PBC does not consider issues like overcrowding in prisons when making decisions.
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There is an old saying that the man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client. The origin of this saying remains a mystery, and it has been attributed to several different people. The point is that if you are arrested or expect to be arrested for a criminal offence in Canada, then the first thing you should do is hire a criminal defence lawyer. But why? How does a Canadian criminal defence lawyer help the client?
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For someone who has been arrested or who is facing potential criminal charges, that is a stressful spot to be in. You will need an excellent criminal defence lawyer, but how do you choose one? Here are some tips to choosing your Vancouver lawyer:
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